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We manufacture your “turnkey” products

Design and industrialization of products

We carry out your projects from design to serial production,
Manage your logistics and guarantee After-sale Services.
We represent the comprehensive industrial solution for your business.

Design at the service of the function

Brand identity, economic and functional constraints, ergonomics, aesthetic trend ... Our aim is to provide the most accurate answer by creating a differentiating added-value out of the competition.

Analyze, explore and define

We bring you complementary and cutting-edge technical skills to produce a unique and industrializable product in accordance with the state of the art of industrial technologies.

Understanding the product as a whole

Bringing out a product is good, making it reliable is vital. This essential phase is carried out in collaboration with all the industrial actors so as to ensure its functionalities and optimize the production costs.

For each product, there is an adequate industrial tool

Whether for small, medium or large series, we define the most suitable industrial tool for the level of sophistication of your product, taking into account your market objectives (duration of the market, target price, investment capacity...).

The incontestable stage

Each project is approached through the prism of the standard to which it is subjected. We take into account, from the start of your project, the normative obligations and the tests to be carried out so that your product is marketable.

Optimization and productivity

Your product will undoubtedly evolve. Continuous improvement, reduction of the production cost but also anticipation of obsolescence, management of the after-sales service, functional innovations ... as many axes of improvement of the sustainability of your product in your target markets.

Our values
27 years of experience

In the industry sector, it is no longer enough to have ideas, you must have the ability to bring your products to market in record time under optimal conditions of COST, QUALITY, SAFETY. For 15 years, SERETEC has been offering the exceptional combination of a design and industrialization department, led by a team of engineers and technicians specialized in development at your service in FRANCE, and powerful and competitive industrial resources in ASIA.

Specialized in the development of plastic parts, we master metal, assembly and electronics in order to offer a complete service and supply finished products mainly in the TELECOM, MEDICAL, MAINSTREAM ELECTRONICs, SPORTS and AUTOMOBILE fields.







Continuous quality control




Your needs are unique

From design to manufacturing, we accompany you throughout the project ...
from the idea to the delivery of your packaged finished product.
SERETEC guarantees: Confidentiality, Reliability, Security and Competitiveness.

Our customers' main sectors of activity:






Connected Objects

Mass Retail


Your concerns are multiple


The actions of your competitors are increasingly difficult to contain and you must react quickly in order to retain your market share. Your supplies are well traded, so you have to tackle the very design of your products:
  • Optimize the number of components
  • Reconsider their manufacturing processes
  • Guarantee the best quality of products
  • Production cost.


You want to improve or develop a product but some elements are outside the scope of your manufacturing capacity. Several technologies are applicable:
  • Which best suits your current needs, and your current investment opportunities?
  • When would it be appropriate to implement more efficient means?


You want to outsource the follow-up and the production of a part or a finished product to devote the majority of your time and resources to the development of projects, the commercialization ... to draw technical and logistic contingencies.
  • But which supplier should you choose to secure your past and future investments?

Manufactured parts


Injection Molds


Projects processed


years of experience

Our authorizations and Networks

Production & Services
Our jobs

Specialization Focusing on your projects

The basis of any product

Assembling a product responds to specific steps to achieve perfect clamping. SERETEC, as designer, ensures that all necessary documents are produced.

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Secure your project

High speed machining - HSM, 3D printing wire removal, stereo lithography, powder sintering, metal machining.

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Plastic or metal

Whether for small medium or large series, we are able to inject parts from 1g to 6kg and this can be done not only through the standard materials of type ABS, ABS PC, PC; but also through more technical ones.

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From standard to specific

From simple power supply to connected objects by Bluetooth module (BLE) or wifi, our expertise allows you to develop your electronic products with perfect mastery of its mechanical integration.

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All metal parts

SERETEC manages all industrial processes to meet your requirements for complex technical parts: metal injection, foundry, machining, stamping, cutting, finishing.

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The surface in all its forms

Graining, polyglass, metallic paint in automated process, softouch finish, we give your product the ideal surface condition to obtain parts and products in accordance with the desired qualitative perception.

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A real profession

Assembling a product responds to specific steps in order to achieve perfect clamping. SERETEC performs this operation in order to master all the key steps in obtaining a quality product.

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The art of highlighting

Packaging is as much a vector of communication as an element helping the act of purchase. In collaboration with your teams, we determine the packaging adapted to your product and your image.

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Deliver wherever you want

Depending on the format chosen, we deliver your parts, sub-assemblies and finished products wherever you want. We also provide an important storage solution to reduce……

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Our achievements

Crédit Impôt innovation
  • Essilor, Essilor, leader mondial des verres correcteur et inventeur du verre progressif Varilux
  • Asteel Flash, Entreprise internationale de services de fabrication en sous-traitance de produits électroniques (EMS)
  • Altran, entreprise de conseil en innovation et ingénierie avancée.
  • GE, groupe digital industriel mondial, qui transforme l'industrie grâce à des machines contrôlées par logiciel et des solutions connectées, adaptées
  • Thales, groupe d'électronique spécialisé dans l'aérospatiale, la défense, la sécurité et le transport terrestre.
  • éolane, leader des services industriels en électronique et solutions connectées.
  • Aldebaran Robotics, leader mondial de la robotique humanoïde. L'entreprise fabrique et commercialise des robots humanoïdes interactifs et autonomes.
  • Still, chariot élévateur, magasinage, intralogistique.

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SERETEC, 1 avenue d’Ouessant, 91140 Villebon-sur-Yvette

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