The assembly, squeeze of internal / external parts and intermediate and final checks processes are all important steps to provide you with a quality finished product. This step is all the more important as it allows to work on the optimization of industrial processes and especially on the cost price of the product.

Today, SERETEC is able to respond to all your production peaks through our dedicated teams.
SERETEC, a product designer, is best qualified to define the assembly processes, the assembly instructions, and the intermediate and final control plan for each product.

All of the steps are validated by our technicians and engineers who ensure that the assembly of your product meets precise and strict steps in order to obtain impeccable squeeze.



  • Definition and validation of assembly processes
  • Installation of assembly lines by SERETEC France and our A.T.I.S subsidiary
  • Guaranteeing Processes follow-up
  • Intermediate and final quality control


  • High production capacity.
  • Capacity of reactivity with 6D / 7 in 3X8 rate of production.
  • Rapid adaptability according to demand


  • Definition and qualification of packaging.
  • Labeling for production lay-out.
  • Integrated logistics solution with security stock in France
  • Supply Management on call for tenders


  • Assembly line with personnel trained on our products.
  • Various specific electronic tests at the end of production.
  • Electro-acoustic test.
  • 3Dvia software for editing interactive assembly instructions.