This is an essential step as it is a guarantee of quality for the consumer. SERETEC undertakes to undergo a scrupulous study of the standards before any project start-up. We take into account, from the first phase of launching your project, the normative requirements and pilot studies to be carried out so that your product becomes marketable as soon as it is delivered.
As a designer, SERETEC guarantees the provision of all the necessary documents so that your product meets the guarantees and requirements of a standard.
The certification of your product is a significant plus or even an additional advantage to face competition, and it will put your prospects in confidence with regard to your product.
Moreover, whether in Europe or any other part of the world, the certification of your products is compulsory to avoid seeing them remain in their cartons or blocked at the customs. For these reasons, the normative aspect must be taken into account at the start of your project so as not to find yourself in a dead end that would put the future of your company at risk. Thus, SERETEC undertakes to carry out pre, per and post tests and quality controls on your product before its delivery. Thanks to its experience in product certification, SERETEC supports you in this process.

  • Access to the European market.
  • Access to the American and Canadian markets.

Product conformity certification