SERETEC, your ideal partner for developing your Connected Object

To meet the growing demand for integration solutions, we have a center of expertise in design and retro-engineering.

We are therefore able to support you in the design of connected products with low energy consumption, software development, obsolescence management, soft-hard connectivity, small, medium and large series manufacturing.

What is a connected object?

A connected object is an electronic device connected wirelessly and communicating through electronic equipment such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. It is thus intended to give a subsidiary rating in terms of functionality, information, interaction with the environment or use.

Connected objects are now an integral part of our everyday life. Indeed, companies like individuals choose to invest in these “intelligent” devices to capture original services, robotize tasks, optimize and reduce costs. In this way, these new technological equipments facilitate and perfect each one’s conditions and way of life.

SERETEC design and industrial production office develops and produces your connected objects by means of a team specialized in new technologies. Its expertise is the result of a rigorous technological watch to provide you with the most up-to-date connected technologies. Moreover, SERETEC is also ensuring a constant presence in Asia through its subsidiary in order to be in direct contact with the manufacturers of electronic components.


  • Customized electronic development
  • Control of communication protocols: Wifi, Bluetooth, Sygfox
  • Certification of your connected objects


  • Mechanical and electronic development of a connected irrigation device intended for the large public
  • Development of a connected bracelet for seniors.

SERETEC aims to develop and design connected objects in various fields of application, namely SPORTS, HEALTH,TELECOMMUNICATION, AUTOMOTIVE…