Prototyping is the action that targets the design of a prototype.
Prototyping is the ultimate and indispensable phase before any commitment, we produce aesthetic models and functional prototypes using different processes. This approach constitutes a concretization and validation guarantee for our customers as it brings their idea into reality. It is possible for our team of technicians, engineers and designers to offer you ergonomic prototypes, but also prototypes combining all your expectations and requirements (materials, finishes, paints, markings…).

Our establishment in Asia allows us to offer rates that are up to 30% more competitive with quality levels in line with the most demanding requirements.


  • Epoxy stereo lithography
  • Polyamide powder sintering
  • 3D printing at SERETEC
  • High speed machining (HSM – CNC)
  • Vacuum duplication in silicone molds by polyurethane casting.


  • Polyurethane resin
  • • Polycarbonate
  • Polyamide
  • ABS PC.
  • ABS
  • * we can offer prototypes in resin UL94 – V0


  • Mechanical adjustment and assembly
  • Painting
  • Screen painting


  • Production of prototype molds for plastic parts’ injection of high definition and good material
  • Destructive tests
  • Physico-chemical behavior tests …